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Launching a new site



Launching a new site

Today we are finally launching a new website. It has been a long project, strung out since there are just 24 hours a day and 23.9 of them are already accounted for. So in that midnight hour I have tried to get copy done for this site and collaborating with the look and feel with the team at Kreck Design. I am sure there are typos and some links that were not quite checked out and fixed. If you find them let me know. I also realize that with all the opportunity to add pictures and information we could spend most of our time documenting and writing instead of making wine. It is an essential question in these times - how do we divide the time between documenting what we do and actually doing something?

I hope we can get a balance to that equation here and I would appreciate hearing back from you, do you manage this well? Do you document or do you live or both?

Written by Katarina at West Wines
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