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Enjoying our Sonoma Cabernet Wine with Music

Wine and Music are my two passions. Now there is a lot of discovery around how music affects your wine appreciation. We are looking at different genres of music and also look at what other people have found out. Let me know what YOU think!

Written by Katarina at West Wines

Glögg - Christmas in a Cup

The aromas from Glögg (pronounced “glewgg”) simmering in a pot is the essence of Christmas for me. This brew has all the spices that I equate with the Holiday Season. If you visit Sweden in December you cannot avoid it - it is the welcome drink wherever you go that month. This mulled wine is served hot during the four weeks leading up to Christmas, the Advent time, together with ginger snaps and saffron bread.

Written by Katarina at West Wines

A Taste from French Oak Wine Barrels

Tasting wine straight from the barrel is an interesting exercise. As a winemaker you do it often to see how your wine is progressing. Once a year, in March, we participate in the Barrel Weekend arranged by Wine Road and it is really fun to engage in conversation about the wine and its journey in the barrel and in the bottle with our visitors. The discussion ranges from taste and various barrels impact as well as time, which is an essential ingredient when getting to those sought after flavors in a mature wine.

Written by Katarina at West Wines